• Routine appointment £45

    This type of appointment is appropriate for most foot health concerns, to include;

    nail care
    corn and callus reduction
    general advice
    cracked heels

    New Patients - £55.00
    Routine – £45

    Short appointment £35.00
    (eg; one foot or a simple nail cut )

  • Diabetic Assessment (included within treatment price)

    A vascular and neurological assessment of the foot is conducted to determine foot health
    status and the information is then used to tailor a foot care package to your specific needs.

  • Verrucae Treatment

    Verrucae are viruses, the immune system needs to act to resolve them. Sometimes this will
    happen without any treatment. If treatment is wanted the aim is to destroy the infected tissue
    and / or bring about an immune response.

  • Nail Surgery - From £250

    1 toe - £250 – 2 toes; £350 to include 1 redressing appointment and dressings.
    This is a simple procedure conducted under local anaesthetic involving permanent removal
    of all or part of a nail for an effective solution to problem ingrowing, misshapen and fungal
    nails. One follow-up redressing appointment is included.

  • Dry Needling for Verrucae - from £220

    This is a procedure carried out under local anaesthetic and the lesion 'needled' to help
    stimulate the immune system to try and resolve the verrucae.

  • Biomechanical Assessment - £50

    Foot, knee, hip and leg pain can be due to poor alignment of the lower limb. A biomechanical
    assessment involves looking at the mechanical functioning of the lower limb, including gait
    analysis, to determine the cause of pain and devise an appropriate treatment plan.
    Orthotics / Insoles may be prescribed at additional cost.

  • Injection Therapy - £80

    Injection therapy can be used to supplement a treatment plan. Corticosteroids can be
    injected to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.


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